Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard

Author Keshia Williams shares her journey through love, pain, and releasing the past

April 23, 2021

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard welcomes Author Keshia Williams

Keshia L. Williams loves the arts, music, people, and self-expression. She moved from Newark, NJ, to Atlanta, GA, to start the next chapter of life, moments, and inner peace.

She enjoys discussing love, relationships, and raw feelings. Her book Loving with Emotions: You Must Feel Everything is who she is and represents what she has experienced as a child, adolescent, as well as coming into adulthood.

Keshia has been writing since she was seven years old and has been told she had a wise soul beyond her years since the age of eight. Keshia had the opportunity to write children’s books as a child, but this option was held back from her without her knowledge. Later, she was told it was because she needed to enjoy her childhood.

Keshia wants to share her voice with others to know the spoken word is for healing and that it is okay to release the past and speak out.

Keshia wants to give people the opportunity to live out loud, live in their truth, and not be ashamed of who they are because strength is the key to excellence.

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