Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard

Replay: Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard and guests Steven Hutchinson and Lyn Laporte

January 12, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard and guests Steven Hutchinson and Lyn Laporte

This replay of the final episode of Somewhere in the Middle of 2017 focuses on getting our money and our minds and spirits right to move into 2018. The show features two special guests, Steven Hutchinson, tax and finance guru, and Lyn LaPorte, spiritual advisor.

About Steven Hutchinson

Steven Hutchinson was born in New York City in the Spring of 1959.

He is one of seven children who more than survived childhood in New York City. He is a warrior who fights for his integrity and the integrity of his people.  Steven Hutchinson has read hundreds of books, traveled to all 50 states, visited India five times, studied yoga, meditation, and the major religions. He was a Hindu Priest for 15 years and is the author of Power Thought, a handbook for consciousness, and Budget Make It Now!

Steven Hutchinson is presently writing his 3rd book, which addresses black entrepreneurship and the psychological warfare that is involved in that mighty endeavor.

He has had many business failures, which is the only real way to grow as an entrepreneur and be able to share that experience to help others. He is an entrepreneur focused on building an Empire, building a pyramid, building a society of Consciousness.

Steven Hutchinson owns and operates Power Taxx which is an income tax startup, which he started as a lean start-up. He also is a licensed Insurance agent who provides financial products and teaches people how money works.

Steven Hutchinson believes that since we live in a consumer nation, we need to be producers to satisfy the needs, wants and demands of our people.

About Lyn Laporte

Lyn Laporte is one of the most highly regarded and sought after intuitive counselor/mediums in the Southeastern United States. Often described as highly compassionate, down-to-earth, and intuitive, she acts as a bridge between the seen and unseen.

Although Lyn was extremely intuitive and a natural medium from birth, it wasn’t until later in life, she began working with clients. To date, she has worked with more than 1,500 clients since 2000.

When working with the unseen, also known as spirit, Lyn acts as a conduit to help you reconnect with your loved ones who have crossed over into spirit form. Lyn finds being of service to those in need to be an honor and very sacred work.

Along with providing private readings for her clients, Lyn also assists others with their personal development. She shares her wisdom and experiences with the world by hosting workshops and webinars throughout the year.

It is Lyn’s prayer that everyone in need can experience a genuine and meaningful connection with spirit.