Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard

Somewhere in the Middle Welcomes Christian Author Alan Black

May 28, 2021

Alan Black shares his journey of surrender to become a Christian author

Alan Black grew up in the United Methodist Church. While he proudly embraces his background and personal history within the United Methodist Church, he does not feel that denomination is important. What matters most is the relationship that you have with the Lord.

Through the years, if Alan were to describe his relationship with the Lord using one word it would be “transformation” marked by daily growth in his walk with the Lord, and as well continuing to display the fruits of his Spirit. For these times, his attitude and belief are that the world is looking to Christians to see if, in fact, their talk does indeed match their walk.

Like all of us, Alan has experienced twists and turns along the road of life. But each step along that road has led him to this point in life to humbly say that he is an author. But being able to say that he is a Christian author is the most important thing of all to him.

To everything, there is a time and season. Though Alan was unsure of what was in store for him, Alan sought to be obedient and to trust in the Lord. Alan is now able to show others that God will qualify you and lead you to accomplish what His charge is for you if you can be a willing servant.

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