Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard

Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Norman A. Carter, Jr.

July 13, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard welcomes Norman A. Carter, Jr., author of The Long Blue Walk: My Journey as a Philly Cop

Norman A. Carter was born and reared in the North Central section of Philadelphia, PA. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the US Army and trained as a Combat Medical Corpsman. In 1964, Carter was selected to attend and graduated from the prestigious United States Military Academy Preparatory School and later was honorably discharged with a rank of Specialist Fifth Class.
In 1967, Norman joined the Philadelphia Police Department. While in the department, studied Administration of Justice Curriculum for two years at Temple University. He served in various patrol and patrol-related assignments. During his 25-year career, Norman earned two commendatory letters and worked with the Guardian Civic League, which is a local chapter of the National Black Police Association to increase the number of minorities hired and promoted. He also participated in community meetings as well as radio and television programs to curtail violence and improve the relationships between the community and the Police Department.
In 1977, Carter gave the Police Department, its Internal Affairs Bureau, and the Mayor of Philadelphia detailed information about a criminal organization headquartered in the Roxborough/Manayunk section of Philadelphia. This organization was actively facilitated by Police Officers. The leader of this organization was eventually arrested and served five years in federal prison. Norman retired as a Police Corporal in the Narcotics Field Unit in 1992.
In 1993, he joined what later became known as the Office of Inspector General, Welfare Fraud Division where he was promoted to Claims Investigation Agent Supervisor. Norman retired from this position in 1997. In October 1998, he contributed to an exposé in the Philadelphia Inquirer revealing the process the Philadelphia Police Department used to decrease crime statistics. An indirect result of this exposé was the arrest of a serial rapist/murderer who had terrorized Center City Philadelphia and Ft. Collins, Co.
In May 2001, Norman contributed to an exposé in the Philadelphia Daily News that revealed the safety hazards encountered by prisoners transported by Police Officers. This resulted in improved safety provisions for all vehicles transporting prisoners in Philadelphia.
Norman A Carter is the author of The Long Blue Walk: My Journey as a Philly Cop, where he details his experience as an officer and as whistleblower helping to root out poor practices and corruption in the Philadelphia Police Force.