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Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Writer and Editor Julia Black

April 26, 2019

Somewhere in the Middle welcomes Writer and Editor Julia Black who shares tips for writing and journaling to get our messages out

Julia Renee Black is a content writer with over 15 years of experience writing and editing many document types for various audiences. As a former technical writer, she is able to easily and thoroughly mold technical content into simple, clear language that the average person can understand. She understands the rules of website content, press releases, nonfiction and fiction books, blog posts, poetry, and technical documents. As a former teacher and corporate employee, she has a complete understanding of the most recent trends in grammar, punctuation, and diction rules and how those should be used in many writing scenarios. In addition to her comprehensive writing abilities, she has a thorough understanding of holistic health practices having researched and used them for her own health. She combined these skills when starting her business, Blacksmith Writing, which she created to offer copywriting and content writing skills to the health and wellness industry.